We at BritStore have worked hard with the leading postage companies to offer you a range of delivery services. Each shipping company has different calculations in working out their postage rates. To make our service more user friendly we have created the shipping postage estimator.

By simply selecting your country in the shipping price box along with your province/state and zip/postal code, you will be given a choice of different shipping options.

There is also a running total of the costs to assist and help maximise your order.

When you enter your first item in the shopping cart it will appear here in the product display bar above. When moving your mouse over the product that you have selected, you will have the option of increasing the quantity of the selected item with thesymbol or removing it with the symbol. Your chosen item will also show up in the shopping cart area simultaneously as shown below.

The example below shows seven different items selected in the product display bar with the cost at £7.91. The customer has only used 79% of their shipping band allowance leaving 21% room for more of their favourite products at no extra shipping cost.

The example below shows an extra two products have been added to the shopping cart for no further shipping cost to the customer and the shipping weight is now at 98%. The customer is now aware that if more items are added to the cart their shipping cost will increase.

We hope you enjoy using our shipping calculator and find it useful to help you continue shopping at Britstore.